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DXDK sachet serious robot packing line

DXDK sachet serious robot packing line


DXDK sachet serious robot packing line introduction

DXDK sachet packaging link line is our company independent R&D; this sachet packaging line adopts Industrial Parallel Robot. It’s the substitute product of traditional sachet packaging line, achieved emerging industries and traditional industries conversion. The effective application of industrial robots has improved the entire production line efficiency, and reduced human resources. The application of high-tech products will be the development trend of pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

The successful development of link line is a revolutionary upgrade of sachet production line performance. It’s has the traditional mechanical link line unmatched flexibility; multiple hosts and multiple robots can be freely configured according to yields, to achieve fully and effective use of host and cartoner machine.


This packaging link line can achieve each climbing belt and conveyor running independently; that can fully achieve insulating internal and external packaging room, to avoid internal packaging room second polluted. This design is completely meet the new GMP certification requirements. And this is the biggest advantage of the link line.

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